RehaMovePro: A versatile mobile stimulation system for transcutaneous FES applications

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Markus Valtin *
Kristian Kociemba
Carsten Behling
Björn Kuberski
Sebastian Becker
Thomas Schauer
(*) Corresponding Author:
Markus Valtin |


Functional Electrical Stimulation is a commonly used method in clinical rehabilitation and research to trigger useful muscle contractions by electrical stimuli. In this work, we present a stimulation system for transcutaneous electrical stimulation that gives extensive control over the stimulation waveform and the stimulation timing. The system supports electrode arrays, which have been suggested to achieve better selectivity and to simplify electrode placement. Electromyography (EMG) measurements are obtained from the active stimulation electrodes (between the stimulation pulses) or from separate surface EMG electrodes. The modular design enables the implementation of sophisticated stimulation control systems including external triggers or wireless sensors. This is demonstrated by the standalone implementation of a feedback-controlled drop foot neuroprosthesis, which uses a wireless inertial sensor for real-time gait phase detection and foot orientation measurement.


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