Audio-visual stimulation in conjunction with functional electrical stimulation to address upper limb and lower limb movement disorder

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Deepesh Kumar *
Sunny Verma
Sutapa Bhattacharya
Uttama Lahiri
(*) Corresponding Author:
Deepesh Kumar |


Neurological disorders often manifest themselves in the form of movement deficit on the part of the patient. Conventional rehabilitation often used to address these deficits, though powerful are often monotonous in nature. Adequate audio-visual stimulation can prove to be motivational. In the research presented here we indicate the applicability of audio-visual stimulation to rehabilitation exercises to address at least some of the movement deficits for upper and lower limbs. Added to the audio-visual stimulation, we also use Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). In our presented research we also show the applicability of FES in conjunction with audio-visual stimulation delivered through VR-based platform for grasping skills of patients with movement disorder.

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