Renal papillary hypertrophy, a rare cause of recurrent gross hematuria; Case report and review of literature


Hematuria is a critical symptom that should properly be investigated. One of the rare causes is renal papillary hypertrophy. Literature review revealed only few reported cases. Biopsy in reported cases has shown hyperplasia of renal papillae with normal histology. We report a case of bilateral renal papillary hypertrophy in a 32 years old female presented with intermittent gross hematuria. Computed tomgraphy urography, cystoscopy and selective cytology did not show any positive findings. Retrograde flexible uretero-renoscopy showed enlarged renal papillae protruding into upper and middle calyces of both kidneys with clots and active bleeding in some. Holmium:YAG Laser ablation of hypertrophic papillae showed an effective minimally invasive management of the condition.



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Author Biography

Ahmed Abulfotooh Eid, Department of Urology, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Alexandria

Associate Professor of urology, Alexandria University, Egypt. 


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Renal papillary hypertrophy; Hematuria; Laser ablation; Flexible ureteroscopy
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Beltagy, A., Elsaqa, M., Koraiem, I., & Abulfotooh Eid, A. (2020). Renal papillary hypertrophy, a rare cause of recurrent gross hematuria; Case report and review of literature. Archivio Italiano Di Urologia E Andrologia, 92(4).