A “real life” investigation on the prescriptive habits among Italian andrologists: The “CONSER” survey from Italian Society of Andrology (SIA) on Sildenafil oral film

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Alessandro Palmieri
Mauro Silvani
Bruno Giammusso
Giovanni Liguori
Nicola Mondaini
Fabrizio Palumbo
Stefano Pecoraro
Oreste Risi
Salvatore Sansalone
Fabrizio Ildefonso Scroppo
Alessandro Zucchi
Paolo Verze
Marco Capece
Tommaso Cai *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Tommaso Cai | ktommy@libero.it


Even if oral type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE5i) seem an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), the drop-out is high among patients. For this reason, pharmaceutical companies are encouraged to develop new administration routes, such as the orally disintegrating film. The aim of this study was to analyse the prescription habit of Italian andrologists affiliated to Italian Society of Andrology (SIA) in the era of new oro-dispersible formulation of sildenafil. A 12-items dedicated questionnaire has been distributed to 77 urologists andrologists. As a result of the questionnaire, sildenafil is still the preferred drug of Italian andrologists as it is considered the safest and the most effective. It combines the speed of action and the discretion of the intake that are very important issues for the adherence to the treatment according to the Italian sample. Physicians have also reported the positive feedback of the patients taking sildenafil film as they consider the oro-dispersible formulation either comparable or superior to the old tablet. In conclusion this new formulation has given a new life to an old molecule like sildenafil, and Italian andrologists considered this new pharmaceutical formulation as a good tool to improve the patient’s adherence to the treatment and quality of life.

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