Incidentally discovered pelvic paraganglioma: A case report

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Vittorio Imperatore *
Massimiliano Creta
Sergio Di Meo
Roberto Buonopane
Lorenzo Spirito
Ferdinando Fusco
Nicola Longo
Nicola Rosario Forte
Vincenzo Mirone
(*) Corresponding Author:
Vittorio Imperatore |


Paragangliomas (PGL) are rare neuroendocrine tumors of the autonomic nervous system originating from paraganglia. Although PGL may arise at any site where physiologic paraganglionic tissue exists, the localization in the small pelvis is extremely rare. PGL may be hormonally active and release surplus catecholamines into the blood or inactive. The asymptomatic cases pose a diagnostic dilemma. We describe the case of an asymptomatic PGL arising in the small pelvis sidewall presenting as an incidentally discovered asymptomatic mass in a male subject.

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