Hutch bladder diverticulum - unusual cause of adult obstructive uropathy

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Pedro Simões de Oliveira *
Tiago Ribeiro de Oliveira
David Martinho
Tomé Lopes
(*) Corresponding Author:
Pedro Simões de Oliveira |


Objective: To present a case of a Hutch bladder diverticulum containing the ureteral opening. Material and methods: An 83-year-old man presented a giant bladder diverticulum causing obstructive azotemia due to bilateral ureteral compression. Endoscopy revealed an unusual and potentially harmful anatomical alteration: the left ureteral orifice was inside in the diverticulum. Despite bladder emptying, the diverticulum remained full, causing bilateral ureteral compression. The patient underwent diverticulectomy with ureteroneocystostomy. Result: Post-operative follow-up showed renal and voiding functions restoration. Conclusion: Although clinical watching is a valid option in patients with Hutch diverticulum, reconstructive surgical approach, especially when complications are present, should be the standard of care.

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