Psychologic and sexual dysfunction in primary and secondary infertile male patients

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Aytac Sahin
Ahmet Urkmez *
Ayhan Verit
Ozgur Haki Yuksel
Fatma Ferda Verit
(*) Corresponding Author:
Ahmet Urkmez |


Objective: The aim of this study was to compare depression and sexual dysfunctions observed in primary and secondary infertile patients. Material and method: The study was performed in 39 primary and 31 secondary infertile male patients. Male sexual health was evaluated using the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) score and depression with Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). Results: Mean age of the participants and their partners were 31.54 ± 5.37 (range, 24-48 yrs), and 28.16 ± 5.58 (range, 20- 46 yrs) years, respectively. Mean duration of their marriage ranged between 1 and 17 years (mean, 5.06 ± 4.15 yrs). A statistically significant intergroup difference was detected between groups as for BDI scores (p = 0.015; p < 0. 05). BDI scores of the primary group were significantly lower than those of the secondary group. A statistically and extremely significant difference was detected between IIEF scores of the groups (p = 0.006; p < 0.01). IIEF scores of the primary infertile group were higher than those of the secondary group. Conclusion: Our study, frequency of the depression and erectile dysfunction seen in the patients with secondary infertility was seen significantly higher than the patients with primary infertility.

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