First case of bilateral, synchronous anaplastic variant of spermatocytic seminoma treated with radical orchifunicolectomy as single approach: Case report and review of the literature

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Giorgio Gentile
Francesca Giunchi
Riccardo Schiavina
Alessandro Franceschelli
Marco Borghesi *
Ziv Zukerman
Matteo Cevenini
Valerio Vagnoni
Daniele Romagnoli
Fulvio Colombo
Giuseppe Martorana
Eugenio Brunocilla
(*) Corresponding Author:
Marco Borghesi |


Spermatocytic Seminoma (SS) is less common than the Classic variant, as its incidence ranges between 1.3% and 2.3% of all seminomas. Generally SS is diagnosed in men older than 50 years. The Anaplastic variant of Spermatocytic Seminoma is characterized by an earlier onset when compared to SS, but a benign behavior in spite of its histological patterns similar to Classic Seminoma. We reported the first case of bilateral, largest and synchronous Anaplastic Spermatocytic Seminoma, in a patient treated with radical orchifunicolectomy alone and with long-term follow-up. The currently available data show that Anaplastic SS reveals a clinically benign behavior, and no distant metastases have been reported so far. A close surveillance after surgery could be considered a valid option in the management of this rare testicular neoplasm.

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