Isolated pump erosion of an inflatable penile prosthesis through the scrotum in a diabetic patient

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Raidh A. Talib
Ahmad Shamsodini
Emad A. Salem
Onder Canguven *
Abdulla Al Ansari
(*) Corresponding Author:
Onder Canguven |


Isolated pump erosion is a rare complication in patients with inflatable penile prosthesis. We describe a case of a diabetic patient who underwent inflatable penile prosthesis implantation with subsequent isolated pump erosion. Repeated attempts of conservative repair of the erosion failed. Finally, the inflatable penile prosthesis was replaced with a malleable one to avoid new pump erosion. In case of isolated pump erosion, replacement of the inflatable penile prosthesis with a malleable one looks to be a good alternative salvage treatment for the patient.

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