Seminal transferrin in the seminal quality evaluation of hemodialytic patients

  • Gilmar Pereira Silva | University of Brasilia, Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil.
  • Fabiana Pirani Carneiro University of Brasilia, Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil.
  • Vitor Pereira Xavier Grangeiro Faculty of Medical Sciences, João Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil.


Objective: to verify the association between seminal quality and seminal transferrin (ST) level and fertility index in patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis (CH).
Material and methods: This is a cross-sectional study in a group of 60 men (case) undergoing CH for more than 6 months, and a group of 30 healthy men (control), aged 18-60 years, without clinical or laboratory signs of infection/inflammation. Spermiogram was performed, fertility index (FI) was calculated and ST and sex hormones (SH) levels were measured, including follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, total testosterone, and prolactin.
Results: All individuals were eugonadal. No differences for age (49.47 ± 5.56, 47.90 ± 6.2, p = 0.22) were observed between cases and controls, whereas there were significant differences between the individuals in the case and control groups with respect to the mean FI (p = 0.000), seminal parameters (SP) (p = 0.000), and ST levels (40.12 ± 08.25 vs 73.32 ± 06.8, p = 0.000). ST levels were correlated with FI (r = 0.787, p = 0.00) and SP (motility: r = 0.857, p = 0.000; vitality: r = 0.551, p = 0.000; density: r = 0.850, p = 0.000; normal morphology: r = 0.386, p = 0.000). Linear regression model showed relationship of ST levels with total sperm motility (R2 = 0.701; p = 0.000) and and FI (R2 = 0.569; p = 0.000).
Conclusions: Our results suggest that seminal quality is associated with ST levels and FI and that it can be used the initial investigation of subfertility/infertility of patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis..


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Original Papers - Andrology
Chronic kidney disease, Hemodialysis, Male infertility, Seminal transferrin, Seminal quality, Seminal parameters
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Silva, G., Carneiro, F., & Grangeiro, V. (2018). Seminal transferrin in the seminal quality evaluation of hemodialytic patients. Archivio Italiano Di Urologia E Andrologia, 90(1), 49-53.