Kaposi’s sarcoma: An unusual penile lesion in a HIV negative patient

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Aldo Franco De Rose
Matteo Justich
Guglielmo Mantica *
Nicolò Testino
Carlo Terrone
(*) Corresponding Author:
Guglielmo Mantica | guglielmo.mantica@gmail.com


Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) of the penis is a very rare lesion and it is usually observed in HIV-infected patients. We introduce a case of KS of the penis in a 75 years old HIV negative patient with a peripheral T-cell lymphoma. He came to our attention with a painful ulcerated red lesion on the glans that stretched from the urethral meatus to the coronal skin. This lesion was found to be a KS balanopreputial in the classical variant. Penile KS must be included in the differential diagnosis of genital diseases especially when the clinical features of the lesion are aspecific and diagnosis can be made histologically by performing a biopsy.

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