Patient’s satisfaction after 2-piece inflatable penile prosthesis implantation: An Italian multicentric study

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Giorgio Gentile *
Alessandro Franceschelli
Paolo Massenio
Agostino Tuccio
Andrea Cocci
Lucia Divenuto
Daniele Romagnoli
Alessandro Natali
Antonio Vitarelli
Luigi Cormio
Fulvio Colombo
(*) Corresponding Author:
Giorgio Gentile |


Introduction: Penile prosthesis implant represents a valuable solution for pts with severe erectile dysfunction (ED), non-responders to medical management. The aim of our study was to evaluate the satisfaction of patients (pts) after 2-pieces inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP). Aim of the study: to evaluate safety, reliability and post-operative patient’s satisfaction after implantation of two-pieces IPP. Materials and Methods: This retrospective multicentric analysis concerns a group of 42 patients undergone 2-pieces IPP implantation from November 2005 to November 2013, in four Centers of proven experience. As a first step, a detailed review of all clinical reports was performed. Secondly, every patient was asked to fill the Erectile Dysfunction Inventory of Treatment Satisfaction (EDITS) specifically modified, in order to assess their own satisfaction after surgery and, its impact on patient’s quality of sexual life. Results: 42 pts were evaluated (AMS-Ambicor: 28; Coloplast- Excell: 14); mean age, at time of operation: 60,7 years; mean follow up: 27,6 months; etiology of ED: vascular 23,8%, diabetes 19%, La Peyronie D. 7,1%, consequence of radical prostatectomy 31%, consequence of other pelvic surgery 11,9%, spinal trauma 7%. Mean operative time: 117 ± 58 min, mean postoperative hospital stay 3 ± 1,6 days. Post operative short-term complications: 4 pts (9,5%). Post operative long-term complications: 4 pts (9,5%). Long-term functional results (Questionnaire): 71% of pts (30) reported regular use of the prosthesis, at least 1 time/week, the satisfaction was good in 42% of pts (18), quite good in 33,3% (14), quite bad in 2,4% (1), very bad in 7,1% (3), 6 pts (14,4%) didn’t answer. Conclusions: 2 pieces IPP appears to be associated with a low complication rate and good satisfaction of pts especially in the elderly. It also assures satisfactory rates of aesthetics and functional results.

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