Translational Medicine Reports

Translational Medicine Reports is a peer-reviewed international journal publishing articles in the field of molecular biology, biochemistry and nanotechnology applied to the treatment of chronic-degenerative diseases including diabetes, cancer, neurological, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. Aim of the Journal is to contribute to bridging the gap between basic research and clinical applications from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Translational Medicine Reports addresses researchers and managers in academia, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry researchers, physician scientists, etc. Original Articles with interdisciplinary topics, Reviews, Editorials, From Bench-to-Bedside Articles, Conference Proceedings, and Letters to the Editor are welcome. Every article published in the Journal will be peer-reviewed by experts in the field and selected by members of the Editorial Board.

The journal is completely free: no charge for publication.

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Vol 1, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents

Review Articles
Gabriella Misso, Nicola Gaetano Gatta, Mayra Rachele Zarone, Gaetano Cammarota, Anna Grimaldi, Vittorio Gentile

Abstract views: 45 | PDF: 49
Elena Cantone, Filippo Ricciardiello, Rossella Cuofano, Giovanni Castagna, Flavia Oliva, Giulio Sequino, Teresa Abate, Romolo Villani, Maurizio Iengo

Abstract views: 41 | PDF: 45
Haim Werner, Lena Lapkina Gendler, Karthik Nagaraj, Rive Sarfstein, Zvi Laron

Abstract views: 13 | PDF: 13
Original Articles
Nunzia D’Onofrio, Luigi Servillo, Alfonso Giovane, Rosario Casale, Domenico Cautela, Domenico Castaldo, Maria Luisa Balestrieri

Abstract views: 55 | PDF: 93
Silvia Zappavigna, Amalia Luce, Manuela Porru, Alessia M. Cossu, Carmela Ferri, Sara Lusa, Marianna Abate, Giuseppe De Rosa, Michele Caraglia, Carlo Leonetti

Abstract views: 25 | PDF: 22
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