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Microbiologia Medica

Microbiologia Medica (MM) is the official publication of the Italian Association of Clinical Microbiologists (AMCLI). It publishes peer-reviewed papers that present basic and applied research relevant to therapy and diagnostics in the fields of: bacteriology, mycology, virology, parasitology, mycobacteriology, infectious diseases, chemotherapy, antimicrobial agents, immunology, autoimmunity and epidemiology.
The journal publishes Editorials, Reviews, Original Articles, Clinical Cases, Short Communications and Letters to the Editor.
MM is devoted to the diffusion of any progress related to all aspects of clinical microbiology. Reports about new techniques, methods and processes dealing with quality control procedures are also considered. Papers on isolation, identification and epidemiology of microorganisms as index of nosocomial infections, or reports on microorganisms collected from animals and environment as vehicles of antibiotic resistant strains are also welcome.

The journal is completely free – as there are no charges for submission or publication – and provides immediate Open Access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

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Vol 29, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Early Release - Editorials

Antifungal susceptibility testing of Candida in the Clinical Laboratory: how to do it, when to do it, and how to interpret it
Esther Manso, Claudio Farina, Stefano Andreoni, Elisabetta Blasi, Marco Conte, Paolo Fazii, Gianluigi Lombardi, Silvana Sanna
DOI: 10.4081/mm.2014.4888
Antifungal susceptibility testing of Aspergillus species complex in the Clinical Laboratory: how to do it, when to do it, and how to interpret it
Esther Manso, Claudio Farina, Stefano Andreoni, Elisabetta Blasi, Marco Conte, Paolo Fazii, Gianluigi Lombardi, Silvana Sanna
DOI: 10.4081/mm.2014.4889

Early Release - Original Articles

Microbiological aspects of Clostridium difficile infection in Italy: results of a study performed in 2012-2013
Patrizia Spigaglia, Fabrizio Barbanti, Matteo Morandi, Maria Luisa Moro, Paola Mastrantonio
DOI: 10.4081/mm.2014.4722
Nosocomial outbreak of Serratia marcescens in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: what to do not to close the unit when cohorting is not enough
Lorenza Pugni, Rosaria Maria Colombo, Mariella Falbo, Marina Casartelli, Beatrice Ghirardi, Simona Perniciaro, Carlo Pietrasanta, Andrea Ronchi, Ilaria Amodeo, Maria Laura Garlaschi
DOI: 10.4081/mm.2014.4833
Microbiological evaluation of open and sealed tattoo inks
Lucia Bonadonna, Rossella Briancesco, Anna Maria Coccia, Aurelia Fonda, Giuseppina La Rosa, Pierluigi Meloni, Rosa Paradiso, Stefania Paduano, Maurizio Semproni
DOI: 10.4081/mm.2014.4807
Pre-analytical and post-analytical evaluation in the era of molecular diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases: cellularity control and internal control
Loria Bianchi, Zaleida Napoli, Simona Turrisi, Swan Donati, Riccardo Lari
DOI: 10.4081/mm.2014.4718
HBV-DNA as marker of hepatitis B virus infection in autochthonous and foreign population of the Molecular Biology Laboratory of the Immuno-Haematology and Blood Transfusion Unit, AO “S. Maria”, Terni
Daniela Cappuccini, Valentina Grespi, Monica Proietti, Alessandra Pagnani, Maria Chiara Medori, Augusto Scaccetti
DOI: 10.4081/mm.2014.4429
Legionella pneumophila urinary antigen: diagnostic efficiency of a new quantitative Elisa test
Gino Ciarrocchi, Barbara Cinti, Marco d’Anzeo, Maria Enrica Cimarelli, Brunilde Berti, Helena Cerutti, Francesco Cocola, Andrea Ianniello, Claudia Soldatini
DOI: 10.4081/mm.2014.4890
QuantiFERON® TB GOLD’ s applications in the tuberculosis disease
Maria Saladino, Salvatore Nisticò, Annelisa Borelli, Vincenzina Caruso, Vilma Villella, Domenico Caruso, Maria Piccoli, Antonella Nicolazzo, Rosa Anna Leone
DOI: 10.4081/mm.2014.4662

Early Release - Short Communications

Screening for Klebsiella pneumoniae producing carbapenemase (KPC) in Prato (Italy)
Tamara Brunelli, Antonella Conti, Loredana Ortega De Luna, Patrizia Miglietta, Mayra Sosa, Alfredo Ruggeri, Patrizia Casprini, Roberto Degl'Innocenti
DOI: 10.4081/mm.2014.4712
Use of XpertMTB/RIF for Mycobacterium tuberculosis identification
Roberto Deg'Innocenti, Tamara Brunelli, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Daniele ferri, Elisa Rovinati, Alfredo Ruggeri, Antonella Conti, Patrizia Casprini
DOI: 10.4081/mm.2014.4706



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