Journal of Entomological and Acarological Research

The Journal of Entomological and Acarological Research (JEAR), formerly the Bollettino di Zoologia Agraria e di Bachicoltura of the Institute of Entomology of the Università degli Studi, Milano, was founded in 1928 by Remo Grandori. Thereafter, Minos Martelli and Luciano Süss hold the direction of the Journal until December 2011. In January 2012 the Editor decided for the new open-access on-line version of JEAR.

The Journal publishes original research papers concerning Arthopods, but reviews, editorials, technical reports, brief notes, conference proceeding, letters to the Editor, book reviews are also welcome.

JEAR has four main areas of interest:

- Entomology (systematics; morphology; biology; biotechnology; agriculture, ornamental and forest entomology; applied entomology; integrated pest management; biological control; apiculture and apidology; medical, urban and veterinary entomology; etc.)

- Stored product pests (biology; integrated pest management; etc.)

- Insect Ecology (behaviour; biodiversity; taxonomy; plant insect interaction and ecosystems; biological control; alien species; etc.)

- Acarology (systematics; morphology; biology; parasitology; control; etc.)

The publication of manuscripts is subject to the approval of the Section Editor who has knowledge of the field discussed in the manuscript in accordance with the principles of Peer Review; referees will be selected from the Editorial Board or among qualified scientists of the international scientific community.

Articles must be written in English and must adhere to the guidelines and details contained in the Instructions to Authors.

Vol 48, No 3 (2016)

Table of Contents

S. Ramzi, A. Sahragard, J.J. Sendi, A. Aalami

Abstract views: 233 | PDF: 135 | HTML: 33
K. Saeidi, S. Mirfakhraie, F. Mehrkhou

Abstract views: 367 | PDF: 205 | HTML: 188
V.R. Farmahiny Farahani, A. Ahadiyat, P. Mašán, M.A. Dehvari

Abstract views: 479 | PDF: 117 | HTML: 629
H. Dieng, F. Abang, A.H. Ahmad, I. Abd Ghani, T. Satho, F. Miake, H. Ahmad, W.F. Zuharah, A.H.A Majid, R.E. Morales, N.P. Morales, C.N. Hipolito, G.T. Noweg

Abstract views: 307 | PDF: 166 | HTML: 91
S. Bocchi, D. Cinquanta, M. Negri, P. Dioli, L. Limonta

Abstract views: 454 | PDF: 142 | HTML: 434
J. Moubayed-Breil, B. Lods-Crozet

Abstract views: 240 | PDF: 63 | HTML: 150
O. Prabhavathi, R. Yuvarajan, D. Natarajan

Abstract views: 507 | PDF: 86 | HTML: 685
K. Saeidi, E. Saeidi

Abstract views: 981 | PDF: 321 | HTML: 82
M. Shayanmehr, E. Yoosefi-Lafooraki

Abstract views: 244 | PDF: 77 | HTML: 127
P. Philip Samuel, D. Ramesh, V. Thenmozhi, J. Nagaraj, M. Muniaraj, N. Arunachalam

Abstract views: 257 | PDF: 76 | HTML: 350
Z. Soltani, D. Keshavarzi

Abstract views: 267 | PDF: 81 | HTML: 391
P. Ntonga Akono, C. Tonga, O.E. Ngo Hondt, M.F. Peka Nsangou, R. Ngaha, G. Tamdem Magne, L. Youmbi Enga, A. Yomon Kayoum, P. Nkouandou Mache, L.A. Djomi, F.A. Mbouangouro, L.G. Lehman

Abstract views: 378 | PDF: 107 | HTML: 144
S. Karschová, J. Hajer

Abstract views: 262 | PDF: 135 | HTML: 284
Short Papers
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