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Health Psychology Research

Health Psychology Research is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research on all aspects of psychology related to health, behavioral medicine, health-related quality of life and illness. The journal’s scope reflects the wide application of health psychology study in medical settings. The contents include work on health attitudes and behaviour, health locus of control, quality of life in chronic disease, influence of emotion on health and health-related behaviours, psychological interventions in health and disease as well as psychological aspects of prevention. They also include work regarding the impact of rehabilitation programmes on individuals’ health, independence and choice, functional abilities, and social role participation across the lifespan. The journal accepts not only papers describing rigorous empirical work but also those outlining new psychological approaches and interventions in health-related fields. The following types of paper are invited:

  • papers reporting original empirical investigations
  • theoretical papers which may be analyses or commentaries on established theories in health psychology, or presentations of theoretical innovations
  • review papers, which should aim to provide systematic overviews, evaluations and interpretations of research in a given field of health psychology
  • case reports dealing with health psychology
  • brief communications. Original research papers can also be published in a brief format.
  • editorial articles
  • abstracts of conferences
  • book reviews
  • study protocols
  • interviews
  • commentaries

Health Psychology issues have become prominent in clinical medicine, health services and outcomes research. The journal aims to offer high quality articles and wide diffusion in the public domain. It also aims to promote the dissemination of knowledge on health psychology research within the scientific community.



News: Applications are invited for a new Editor-in-Chief


Dr. Ajay Singh has fulfilled his term as Editor-in-Chief of Health Psychology Research. We are grateful to him for all his efforts and hard work in making the name of the journal well-known. We are proud of this achievement. However we have already planned new and broaden goals for this successful Journal.

This is the reason why we inform you that applications are welcome for a new Editor-in-Chief. The contribution of the new EiC will be essential to carry on the work started in 2013 and make the journal grow up becoming an even more recognized journal.

The main role of the EIC should be to assume the responsibility of leading the current Editorial Board (or, if necessary, revising it by adding new members). Together the new EIC and the Editorial Board will review and select manuscripts for online publication on our site; all duties as EIC are managed directly online using through the journal website.

The EIC also plays an important role in the journal endorsement, representing it at international and national meetings of interest and stimulating new submissions.

We will provide for different advertising tools to promote the Journal and you will identify together with our Marketing Manager efficient supporting strategies to bring about a greater visibility and awareness.

Send your application and CV to: Emanuela Fusinato, Managing Editor emanuela.fusinato@pagepress.org


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Vol 2, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents


Domestic violence and abuse in intimate relationship from public health perspective
Zlatka Rakovec-Felser
DOI: 10.4081/hpr.2014.1821


Impact on participation and autonomy: test of validity and reliability for older persons
Isabelle Ottenvall Hammar, Christina Ekelund, Katarina Wilhelmson, Kajsa Eklund
DOI: 10.4081/hpr.2014.1825
Exploring the role of self-esteem and parenting patterns on alcohol use and abuse among adolescents
Franklin N. Glozah
DOI: 10.4081/hpr.2014.1898
How older persons structure information in the decision to seek medical care
Peter J. Veazie
DOI: 10.4081/hpr.2014.1535
The functional role of resignation orientation on goal engagement, self-esteem, life satisfaction, and depression
Kenichi Asano, Ikuo Ishimura, Masahiro Kodama
DOI: 10.4081/hpr.2014.1882
Generationing, stealthing, and gift giving: the intentional transmission of HIV by HIV-positive men to their HIV-negative sex partners
Hugh Klein
DOI: 10.4081/hpr.2014.1582
Accuracy of physical self-description among chronic exercisers and non-exercisers
Joseph M. Berning, Mark DeBeliso, Trish G. Sevene, Kent J. Adams, Paul Salmon, Bryant A. Stamford
DOI: 10.4081/hpr.2014.1746

Study Protocols

Investigating aggressive styles and defense mechanisms in bipolar patients and in their parents
Nicola Luigi Bragazzi, Franca Pezzoni, Giovanni Del Puente
DOI: 10.4081/hpr.2014.1546

Case Reports

A cognitive-behavior therapy applied to a social anxiety disorder and a specific phobia, case study
George D. Tsitsas, Antonia A. Paschali
DOI: 10.4081/hpr.2014.1603

Early Release

Single case designs in psychology practice
Kathy Sexton-Radek
DOI: 10.4081/hpr.2014.1551
Depressive symptoms among adolescent students in Greek high schools
Vasiliki Zacharopoulou, Maria Tsironi, Sofia Zyga, Fotini Gialama, Georgia Zacharopoulou, Ilias Grammatikopoulos, Nikolaos Avraam, Panagiotis Prezerakos
DOI: 10.4081/hpr.2014.1962
Investigation of nausea and vomiting in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
Maria Lavdaniti, Nikolaos Tsitsis
DOI: 10.4081/hpr.2014.1550



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